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  • Marine Consulting - Konsultacije u pomorstvu
  • Marine Audits and Inspection - Pomorske Inspekcije i Vjestacenja
  • Export and Import - Uvoz i Izvoz (Evropa Azija I Pacifik)
  • Manning agency - Ukrcaj pomoraca
  • Port Management - Menadzment luka i marina

August 2016

Our company successfully completed IMO sponsored project managed by The Pacific Community (Fiji) which aim has been to assess laws of Pacific Island Countries and to develop regional safety standards for domestic shipping on Pacific. As part of the project, we have compared 105 maritime laws of 9 Pacific Island Countries against applicable IMO laws – GlobalRegs and PimLAWS (Pacific Maritime Laws).

2nd part of the project has been to compare IMO GlobalRegs and PimLAWS and to recommends amendment of existing Maritime Laws on Pacific. Our report has been submitted to IMO which will used our recommendation in developing new set of GlobalRegs and we are really grateful on having opportunity to contribute towards domestic shipping safety around the World.