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  • Marine Consulting - Konsultacije u pomorstvu
  • Marine Audits and Inspection - Pomorske Inspekcije i Vjestacenja
  • Export and Import - Uvoz i Izvoz (Evropa Azija I Pacifik)
  • Manning agency - Ukrcaj pomoraca
  • Port Management - Menadzment luka i marina


During May last year our agency have organized tanker officer seminar for our principal with more than 60 seafarers participating from various countries and continents.

Main topics on seminar have been:

MCRM – Introduction

Human Performance and Limitations – Attitudes

Cultural Awareness – Situational Awareness

Team and Team state – Communications and Briefings

Decision making

Accident/Incident performance and our vision for zero accidents

Technical incidents presentation

Risk Assessment process

Cyber security policies & procedures

Performing good performance appraisals

Vetting, PSC & Environmental performance statistics & objectives

Training on C/P & BLs

Apart of training sessions, we have organize various tourist tours for participants, including food and beverage.

Association of Agencies for the Employment of Seafarers of Montenegro

Association of Agencies for the Employment of Seafarers of Montenegro was founded on December 5th, 2019, in Kotor and it was entered in the register of non-governmental organizations by decision UPI 01-056 / 20-298, under ordinal number 9665, issued by the Ministry of Public Administration on January 24th 2020. Our agency is one of founders of association.

The goals of the Association are:

· Promotion, development and bussines improvement of Montenegro crewing agencies,

· Protection of the interests and rights of members in accordance with existing legislation and the Statute.

· Providing the best and highest quality job offers for seafarers and services to its Clients in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

· Promotion of seafarers occupation.

· Reducing seafarer’s unemployment and developing the maritime industry of Montenegro as a hole.  

The activities of the Association are:

· Representing the interests of members of the Association before state authorities,

· Proposing legal solutions related to the activity of crewing agencies in the employment of seafarers, education system and training system for seafarers.

· Establishing own rules of conduct for members.

· Cooperation with similar organizations in the field of crewing activities, seafarers’ organizations and other maritime organizations.

· Cooperating with organizations providing education and training for seafarers.

· Information of seafarers on the state of the international maritime labor market.

· Organizing consultations, seminars, lectures, round tables, etc. in the field of the employment of seafarers.

· Publishing professional papers in the field of the employment of seafarers.

Membership in the Association is voluntary. Legal entities registered for performing the seafarer’s crewing activity and to which the competent state authority has issued a work permit may be members of the Association, provided they accept the goals and activities defined by the Statute of the Association.

Bodies of the assosiation:

· The Assembly:  Capt. Lazovic Nenad, Capt. Lucic Boro, Capt. Macic Goran, Mijovic Bojan, Capt. Milutin Janko, Capt. Sikimic Spiro i Vitic Nela.

· The President of the association: Capt. Nenad Lazovic, and

The president of the assembly: Capt. Janko Milutin.

News 9

Management system of our company has been verified and approved by BV against quality standards noted in ISO 9000-2015 regulation. Our quality system has been developed in accordance with:

  1. ISO 9000:2015 Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary
  2. ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems – Requirements
  3. ISO 9004:2018 Quality management - Quality of an organization - Guidance to achieve sustained success


News 8

Our company has signed a Representation Agreement with Isthmus Bureau of Shipping (IBS), S.A. from Panama (, under which we have been appointed as their Representative and Exclusive Surveyors for ports in Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, and Slovenia.

Isthmus Bureau of Shipping is a ship classification society (ClassIBS)  approved by maritime administrations of Panama, Belize, China, Jamaica, Honduras, Bolivia, Moldova, Vanuatu, Tanzania, Dominica, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Colombia and Togo to conduct surveys on their behalf.ClassIBS is a member of “International Association of Technical Survey and Classification Institutions” (

News 7

Our company successfully completed IMO sponsored project managed by The Pacific Community (Fiji) which aim has been to assess laws of Pacific Island Countries and to develop regional safety standards for domestic shipping on Pacific. As part of the project, we have compared 105 maritime laws of 9 Pacific Island Countries against applicable IMO laws – GlobalRegs and PimLAWS (Pacific Maritime Laws).

2nd part of the project has been to compare IMO GlobalRegs and PimLAWS and to recommends amendment of existing Maritime Laws on Pacific. Our report has been submitted to IMO which will used our recommendation in developing new set of GlobalRegs and we are really grateful on having opportunity to contribute towards domestic shipping safety around the World.

News 6

Our first cadets joined their first vessel, thanks to our coopration with REDEEREI NORD shipping company. Good luck cadets!

News 5

Our company deliver two workshops for graduated students from Faculty of Maritime Studies in Kotor, Montenegro. Workshops lasted for a week during which Capt. Pilastro, Cap. Lucic. Cap. Milovic, Capt. Savic Bozovic and Ch. Eng Dulic updated future cadtes with new regulations and various requirements which shipping companies has in regards to safety and security of the vessel. During the workshops, various training modules have been covered, such as navigation, stability of the vessel, rules of the road and similar. More than 100 students – future cadets participated on workshops.


News 4

DORVAL Ship Management, company based in Japan, have appointed our Company as their crewing agent for Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia, from where we'll provide crew for their fleet of chemical tankers.

News 3

Our Company have sign the MoU with Faculty of Maritime Studies in Kotor, Montenegro and with Maritime High School based in Belgrade, Serbia. Our Company will provide consultancy services to schools on various maritime matters.

News 2

REDEEREI NORD GROUP, company based in Hamburg/Amsterdam/Cyprus, have appointed our Company as their crewing agent for Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia, from where we'll provide crew for their fleet of oil tankers.